Ethnikos Achnas

Thành lập: 1968
Quốc gia: Síp
Sân vận động: Dasaki Stadium, Achnas
Sức chứa: 5,422
Địa chỉ: Griva Digeni Ave., PO Box 36543, 5523 Dasaki Achnas
Độ tuổi trung bình: 28.42
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Chưa cập nhật dữ liệu
Achnas, a small village in Cyprus close to the British base of Dhekelia and the Green line of the Turkish Occupied area, has always been the little club with the big passion for football.
After the 1974 Turkish invasion, Achnas lost its stadium to the Turkish forces and it still remains untouched in the dead zone next to Achnas village where the inhabitants of the village can see the stadium but not approach it. Achnas village immediately under went work to rebuild a new stadium and they eventually did naming the new 4.000 seater stadium, Dasaki (The little forest). Ethnikos Achnas was formed in 1968 and always played in the lower divisions of the Cyprus leagues.
In 1984, Ethnikos Achnas made their first real achievement when they managed to earn promotion to the first division but that accomplishment was short lived when the team was relegated back to the second division after the little club came second to last above Omonia Aradippou. Ethnikos Achnas made a battling come back to top Cyprus division and they did well to stay for another 3 seasons before being relegated once more in 1990.
In 1993, Ethnikos Achnas, with their greatest Cypriot player ever, Antonis Skaias, rocked the island with their sheer passion and strength to earn fourth place. That year Ethnikos Achnas proved that they were a not push over any more and they continued to perform superbly in the following seasons earning no less than 6th place in all the following seasons which included away victories over APOEL Nicosia and Omonia Nicosia.
Ethnikos Achnas' greatest ever foreign player is the Yugoslav, Dragoslav Music, who also turned out to be one of the greatest foreign players on the island. Music has recently gained Cypriot citizenship. Poyiatzis is the latest young star of Ethnikos Achnas being hunted down by big clubs just like he predecessor, Panagiotis Engomitis, who is currently with PAOK Salonica in Greece.
Two seasons back, Ethnikos Achnas, started off their championship campaign in the best possible fashion remaining unbeaten in their opening five games but from their things started to slowly go bad for them. Ethnikos were given a late scare on the final day of the season after they stared relegation straight in the eye but were saved by a last second equalizer from Stavros Georgiou, who is now with APOEL Nicosia.
Last season, Achnas made it to their first ever final but were on the losing end falling 1-0 to Anorthosis Famagusta in a tense final.
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Thời gian Đội nhà Tỷ số Đội khách Giải đấu Đối đầu  
01/12/19 04:30 Ethnikos Achnas 0-1 AEL Limassol VĐQG Síp Lịch sử
25/11/19 04:40 Anorthosis Famagusta FC 2-1 Ethnikos Achnas VĐQG Síp Lịch sử
11/11/19 04:40 Olympiakos Nicosia FC 4-0 Ethnikos Achnas VĐQG Síp Lịch sử
03/11/19 04:41 Ethnikos Achnas 1-2 AC Omonia Nicosia VĐQG Síp Lịch sử
31/10/19 05:10 Onisilos Sotiras(T) 1-5 Ethnikos Achnas Cúp Síp Lịch sử
20/10/19 04:40 Ethnikos Achnas 1-0 Apollon Limassol FC VĐQG Síp Lịch sử
04/10/19 22:59 AEK Larnaca 5-1 Ethnikos Achnas VĐQG Síp Lịch sử
22/09/19 22:59 Ethnikos Achnas 2-0 Nea Salamis VĐQG Síp Lịch sử
15/09/19 22:00 Doxa Katokopias 1-1 Ethnikos Achnas VĐQG Síp Lịch sử
27/08/19 03:40 E.N.Paralimni 3-4 Ethnikos Achnas VĐQG Síp Lịch sử
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