Central Coast Mariners FC

Thành lập: 2004-11.1
Quốc gia: Australia
Sân vận động: Central Coast Stadium
Sức chứa: 20,059
Địa chỉ: Mingara Recreation Club, Mingara Drive, Tumbi Umbi NSW 2251
Website: http://www.ccmariners.com.au/
Email: info@ccmariners.com.au
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On November 1, 2004, a sporting dynasty never before experienced on the New South Wales Central Coast was officially born.

This was the day that the Central Coast Mariners, the first nationally exposed and exclusively owned sporting entity to represent the 300,000 people living in idyllic coastal surrounds from Gwandalan in the north to Patonga in the south, were admitted to the Hyundai A-League.

Work quickly began on establishing a sporting team that the Central Coast could not only call their own, but be inordinately proud of.

For too long, a sports mad culture stretching 80 kilometres between Sydney and Newcastle had been denied consistent supply of meaningful, high quality sports entertainment.

The Central Coast Mariners were to change all this.

First up was the appointment of a world class coaching staff.

Affable Scotsman Lawrie McKinna, an NSL Coach of Year, became the inaugural Central Coast Mariners Football Manager and was joined by two of the greater personalities of world football.

Ian Ferguson, a virtual celebrity in his Scottish homeland due to his notoriety with regional heavyweights Rangers was installed as Head Coach and Alex Tobin, an undisputed Socceroo great who has represented Australia at senior level more times than any other player, became Development Manager.

On the field, the Mariners recruited 20 well-credentialed and exciting players, adhering to the nationwide ideal of a vastly improved level of competition in the Hyundai A-League.

Noel Spencer, an NSL Championship winner and former Australian under 23 international became the Mariners first ever captain.

Joining Spencer in midfield were fellow NSL Championship winners Tom Pondeljak and Andre Gumprecht, the former of which has played for Australia at senior level.

Up front, the Mariners call upon the services of Nick Mrdja, a formerly Swedish based striker who scored the last ever goal in the old National Soccer League, while at the back, fringe Socceroo Michael Beauchamp was almost asked to make the move to the Central Coast.

Significantly, the Mariners soon featured a pair of locals, Andrew Clark and Damien Brown of Mountains District Soccer Club and The Entrance Bateau Bay United Soccer Club respectively.

The choice of the Mariners home ground was meticulously effortless.

With picturesque Central Coast Stadium in the offing, a 20,000 all seater stadium overlooking Brisbane Waters, the Mariners had one of Australia's premier venues to choose from.

Playing in synonymous coastal colours gold and navy, the Mariners are now lined up to write the first on-field chapter of their brief, but already rich history.

A world-class squad coached by a world-class coaching team playing out of a world-class venue is a sure fire pathway to success and that is what the Central Coast Mariners are hopeful of achieving in their inaugural year and in the distant future.
Graham Arnold
Ngày sinh: 1963-8-3
Quốc tịch: Australia
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14/12/19 15:30 Sydney FC - Central Coast Mariners FC Hạng Nhất Ô-xtrây-li-a Lịch sử

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