Newi Cefn Druids

Thành lập: 1992
Quốc gia: Xứ Wales
Sân vận động: Plas Kynaston Lane
Sức chứa: 2,000
Địa chỉ: Plaskynaston Lane, Cefn Mawr, Wrexham, LL14 3AT.
Độ tuổi trung bình: Chưa cập nhật dữ liệu
Flexsys Cefn Druids (renamed 1998):
Cymru Alliance League Champions 1998/99
NEWFA Challenge Cup Winners 1998/99
NEWFA President’s Cup Winners 1998/99
Cefn Druids (formed 1992):
NEWFA Challenge Cup Winners 1992/93
NEWFA President’s Cup Winners 1992/93
WNL Division 1 Champions 1992/93
WNL Division 1 Cup finalists 1992/93
WNL Premier League Cup Finalists 1993/94
Cymru Alliance League Club of the Year 1994/95
WNL Premier League Cup Winners 1996/97
Druids United (formed 1873):
Welsh Cup Winners 1879/80, 1880/81, 1881/82, 1884/85, 1885/86, 1897/98, 1898/99, 1903/04
Welsh Cup Finalists 1877/78, 1882/83, 1883/84, 1899/1900, 1900/01
Welsh Amateur Cup Winners 1902/03
Welsh Amateur Cup Finalists 1903/04, 1956/57
Welsh Youth Cup Winners 1957/58, 1958/59
NEWFA Challenge Cup Finalists 1979/80
WNL Division 2 Cup Finalists 1987/88
Cefn Albion (formed 1967):
WNL Premier Division Runners-Up 1984/85
WNL Division 1 Champions 1979/80, 1980/81
WNL Division 1 Runners-up 1978/79
WNL Division 1 Cup Finalists 1983/84, 1990/91
WNL Division 2 Cup Winners 1973/74
WNL Division 2 Cup Finalists 1970/71
WNL Division 3 Cup Finalists 1968/69, 1983/84
WNL Division 3B Champions 1969/70
NEWFA Challenge Cup Winners 1977/78
NEWFA Challenge Cup Finalists 1975/76, 1988/89
NEWFA Horace Wynn Cup Winners 1976/77
Chưa cập nhật dữ liệu

Cefn Druids was formed in 1992 from the merger of Druids United and Cefn Albion, but the real history of the club lies in both parent clubs, in particular Plasmadoc FC, which was formed in 1869.

In 1872 local Ruabon clubs Rovers and Volunteers were amalgamated to form a new club called Ruabon Druids under the guidance of Llewelyn Kendrick of Wynn Hall Ruabon. In 1876 the newly formed Druids became the first Welsh club to enter the FA Cup, but before their match with Shropshire Wanderers, the Ruabon side withdrew.

The 1877/8 season saw the launch of a new competition to be known as the Welsh Cup. The Druids took part in the first ever match at Newtown on October 13, 1887, just a week after playing Scottish giants Queens Park at Hampden Park.

Druids won the Welsh Cup eight times in 25 years: 1880, 1881, 1882, 1885, 1886, 1898, 1899 and 1904. The beaten opponents reflected the nature of football during those early years: Ruthin, Northwich, Newtown White Star and Wrexham among others. The Welsh Amateur Cup was won in 1903, but the era of success was coming to an end.
The next success was in 1957 when the club reached the final of the Welsh Amateur Cup.

In 1967 Cefn Albion was formed and they won the Welsh National League Third Division in 1970, and then the First Division Championship in 1980 and 1981.
A new chapter in the life of both clubs opened with the amalgamation in 1992. Immediate success followed by winning the NEWFA Cup and Presidents Cup.

As Cymru Alliance Champions in 1999 Cefn Druids, now renamed Flexsys Cefn Druids under a lucrative sponsorship deal with the chemical factory, joined the League of Wales. This success was achieved under the guidance of boss Gareth Powell, a legend in local football, recruited from Lex XI.

Powell gathered together a strong squad of mostly young “local” players. It was a sad day for the club when, in 2001, Gareth decided to step down and he was replaced by Steve O’Shaughnessy.

After indifferent performances over the next few seasons, O’Shaughnessy was replaced in May 2004 by former Tranmere Rovers and Wales Under-21 international Alan Morgan. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out well for Morgan, and he resigned as manager in December 2004, with former Wrexham legend Dixie McNeil taking over the managerial reins.

During the summer of 2003, the club announced an arrangement with NEWI, the Wrexham-based college which saw the name being changed to NEWI Cefn Druids. The arrangement offers NEWI students footballing opportunities whilst carrying on with their studies and increasing the resources available to the club. The club signed a three-year deal with NEWI in 2004 after the previous 12 month arrangement proved a success.

With the introduction of the UEFA Licensing Procedure for all clubs competing in National Leagues throughout Europe by season 2004/05, the club’s strategy for development will focus its aims on ensuring that quality football provision is made available to Cefn Mawr for many years to come.

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Thời gian Đội nhà Tỷ số Đội khách Giải đấu Đối đầu  
17/11/19 03:40 Cefn Druids 1-0 Barry Town United VĐQG Wales Lịch sử
09/11/19 21:30 Cefn Druids 0-0 Cardiff Metropolitan University FC VĐQG Wales Lịch sử
03/11/19 04:41 Carmarthen Town 1-2 Cefn Druids VĐQG Wales Lịch sử
28/10/19 03:50 Penybont FC 2-3 Cefn Druids VĐQG Wales Lịch sử
19/10/19 01:45 Cefn Druids 3-1 Caernarfon VĐQG Wales Lịch sử
12/10/19 01:45 Cefn Druids 1-2 Newtown AFC VĐQG Wales Lịch sử
05/10/19 02:00 Cefn Druids 0-3 Bala Town VĐQG Wales Lịch sử
22/09/19 20:30 Barry Town United 1-0 Cefn Druids VĐQG Wales Lịch sử
15/09/19 04:50 Cefn Druids 3-3 Carmarthen Town VĐQG Wales Lịch sử
11/09/19 01:45 Connah"s Quay Nomads FC 1-0 Cefn Druids VĐQG Wales Lịch sử
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