Thành lập: 1911
Quốc gia: Ý
Sân vận động: Stadio Mario Rigamonti‎
Sức chứa: 27,547
Địa chỉ: Via Bazoli 10, IT-25127 BRESCIA
Độ tuổi trung bình: 28.31
Serie B: 1964/65, 1991/92, 1996/97
Serie C1: 1984/85
Serie C: 1938/39
Anglo-Italian Cup: 1993/94
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Brescia Calcio is a football club based in Brescia, Italy. The club was formed in 1911 and currently plays in the Italian Serie A, having spent a large part of recent years bouncing between Serie A and the second division.

The team\'s colours are blue and white. Its stadium is the 27,547 seater Stadio Mario Rigamonti.

The team was founded in 1911 as Brescia Football Club, joining the Terza Categoria division the same year. In 1913 Brescia was promoted to First Division for its first time ever, and from 1929 it played in Serie A for six of the seven following seasons. Successively, the club played among the two top divisions until 1982, when Brescia was relegated to Serie C1. The club then returned to Serie B in 1985. Brescia played outside the two national tournaments of Lega Calcio (A & B) only four years: under this aspect, only eleven clubs in all Italy marked a better performance.

Brescia Calcio won the Anglo-Italian Cup in 1994, the biggest notable achievement in their entire history to date. However, Brescia actually came to the footballing forefront only in 2000, when the previously unfancied club signed former FIFA World Player of the Year Roberto Baggio, who led Brescia to a surprising seventh place in 2000/2001 Serie A, the best result during its time in Serie A, thus qualifying for the UEFA Intertoto Cup. Successively, Brescia reached the Intertoto Cup finals, then lost to Paris Saint-Germain for the away goals rule. Baggio spent four years at Brescia before retiring in 2004 and during those historic four years, Brescia became widely known as 'Baggio\'s Brescia'. During Baggio\'s four year spell with Brescia, Brescia recorded their best ever run of staying in Serie A. However, in the very next season that followed Baggio\'s retirement (2004/2005), Brescia were relegated from Serie A on the last day, finishing a lowly 19th. Brescia struggled for returning to top flight after the relegation and finally returned to Serie A after beating Torino with a 2-1 aggregate in 2009-10 season.

Former Spanish captain and current Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola, the famous Romanian Gheorghe Hagi, Italy\'s national team striker Luca Toni, and current AC Milan star Andrea Pirlo (born in Brescia) have also spent time in Brescia.

Giuseppe Iachini
Ngày sinh: 1964-5-7
Quốc tịch: Ý
Đội bóng đang tham gia: Brescia
Ngày gia nhập:
Đội bóng trước: Chievo
Đội bóng cũ: Chievo,Piacenza,Vicenza,Cesena,AC Venezia

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Thời gian Đội nhà Tỷ số Đội khách Giải đấu Đối đầu  
24/11/19 21:00 AS Roma - Brescia Serie A - Ý Lịch sử

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Thời gian Đội nhà Tỷ số Đội khách Giải đấu Đối đầu  
10/11/19 04:41 Brescia 0-4 Torino Serie A - Ý Lịch sử
04/11/19 04:30 Hellas Verona 2-1 Brescia Serie A - Ý Lịch sử
30/10/19 04:40 Brescia 1-2 Inter Milan Serie A - Ý Lịch sử
27/10/19 01:45 Genoa 3-1 Brescia Serie A - Ý Lịch sử
22/10/19 03:30 Brescia 0-0 Fiorentina Serie A - Ý Lịch sử
05/10/19 04:10 Brescia 0-0 US Sassuolo Calcio Serie A - Ý Lịch sử
29/09/19 17:30 Napoli 2-1 Brescia Serie A - Ý Lịch sử
25/09/19 02:00 Brescia 1-2 Juventus Serie A - Ý Lịch sử
22/09/19 02:20 Udinese 0-1 Brescia Serie A - Ý Lịch sử
15/09/19 20:00 Brescia 3-4 Bologna Serie A - Ý Lịch sử
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1 2 7 0 2 4 0 0 0 1 0 3
10% 20% 70% 0% 33.3% 66.7% 0% 0% 0% 25% 0% 75%

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