Karlsruher SC

Thành lập: 1894-6-6
Quốc gia: Đức
Sân vận động: Wild Park Stadion
Sức chứa: 29,699
Địa chỉ: Adenauerring 17, 76131 Karlsruhe
Website: http://www.ksc.de
Email: info@ksc.de
Độ tuổi trung bình: 25.68

VĐ Đức: 1909

VĐ German Cup: 1955, 1956

VĐ Bundesliga II - Đức: 1984, 2007

VĐ South champions - Đức: 1909, 1958, 1960, 1975

Thành tích UEFA Cup: 1993-94 (trận bán kết), 1996-97 (hạng thứ 3), 1997-98 (hạng thứ 3)

VĐ UEFA Intertoto Cup: 1996

Chưa cập nhật dữ liệu

The most successful of these ancestral clubs was Karlsruher Fussball Club Phonix, formed on June 6, 1894 by dissatisfied members of the gymnastics club Karlsruher Turngemeinde. They quickly became a strong regional side and captured the national title in 1909, defeating defending champions Viktoria 89 Berlin 4-2 in the championship final that season. In 1912, Phonix merged with KFC Alemannia, established in 1897, to create KFC Phonix (Phonix Alemannia).

It was as Phonix Karlsruhe that the club joined the Gauliga Baden, one of sixteen top-flight divisions created in the re-organization of German football under the Third Reich. They slipped from the first division for a single season in 1936, but returned to compete as a mediocre side over the next several years. In the 1943-44 season Karlsruhe played with Germania Durlach as the combined wartime side named KSG (Kriegssportgemeinschaft) Phönix/Germania Karlsruhe. After World War II in 1946, Phönix re-emerged to compete in the newly formed first division Oberliga Süd, finishing 15th in their first season there. The club was relegated the following season.

Two other threads in the evolution of KSC were the formation of FC Mühlburg in 1905 out of 1. FV Sport Mühlburg (founded in 1890) and Viktoria Mühlburg (founded in 1892), and the merger of FC Germania (founded in 1898) and FC Weststadt (founded in 1902) to form VfB Karlsruhe in 1911. FC Mühlburg and VfB Karlsruhe would in turn merge to form VfB Mühlburg in 1933. The group of clubs which came together to form VfB Mühlburg were an undistinguished lot, sharing just one season of upper-league play between them. The new side, however, started to compete in the first-division Gauliga Baden immediately after the league was established in 1933.

A lower-table side through the 30s VfB's performance improved considerably in the following decade. As war overtook the country, the Gauliga Baden was sub-divided at various times into a number of more local city-based circuits and the team was able to earn three second place finishes in divisional play. The Gauliga Baden collapsed in 1944-45 after playing a significantly reduced schedule in which many teams, including Mühlburg were unable to compete. After the war the club slipped from top-flight competition until earning promotion to the Oberliga Süd in 1947. They generally competed as a mid-table side here with the exception of a strong performance in 1951 when they narrowly missed an advance to the national championship rounds after earning a third place result just a single point behind SpVgg Furth.

Uwe Rapolder
Ngày sinh: 1958-5-29
Quốc tịch: Đức
Đội bóng đang tham gia: Karlsruher SC
Ngày gia nhập: 2010-11
Đội bóng trước: Chưa cập nhật
Đội bóng cũ: Chưa cập nhật

Danh sách cầu thủ của đội bóng Karlsruher SC

STT Tên Quốc tịch Vị trí Số áo Ngày sinh Cao Nặng
1 Kristian Nicht Kristian Nicht Đức Thủ môn 29 1982-4-3 196cm 89kg
2 Luis Robles Luis Robles Mỹ Thủ môn 32 1984-5-11 185cm 87kg
3 Matthias Zimmermann Matthias Zimmermann Đức Hậu vệ 2 1992-6-16 176cm 73kg
4 Stefan Muller Stefan Muller Đức Hậu vệ 3 1988-11-9 191cm 84kg
5 Christian Demirtas Christian Demirtas Đức Hậu vệ 5 1984-5-25 173cm 70kg
6 Andreas Schafer Andreas Schafer Đức Hậu vệ 11 1983-2-5 178cm 75kg
7 Matthias Langkamp Matthias Langkamp Đức Hậu vệ 23 1984-2-24 191cm 89kg
8 Sebastian Langkamp Sebastian Langkamp Đức Hậu vệ 24 1988-1-15 190cm 85kg
9 Thomas Konrad Thomas Konrad Đức Hậu vệ 28 1989-11-5 183cm 76kg
10 Kiliann Witschi Kiliann Witschi Thụy Sĩ Hậu vệ 42 1985-11-9 188cm 77kg
11 Martin Hudec Martin Hudec Hungary Hậu vệ 45 1982-4-15 186cm 77kg
12 Godfried Aduobe Godfried Aduobe Ghana Tiền vệ 4 1975-10-29 178cm 71kg
13 Stefan Riess Stefan Riess Đức Tiền vệ 6 1988-12-9 180 cm 80kg
14 Michael Mutzel Michael Mutzel Đức Tiền vệ 8 1979-9-27 183cm 75kg
15 Massimiliano Porcello Massimiliano Porcello Đức Tiền vệ 10 1980-6-23 184cm 80kg
16 Matthias Cuntz Matthias Cuntz Đức Tiền vệ 13 1990-3-4 184cm 78kg
17 Timo Staffeldt Timo Staffeldt Đức Tiền vệ 17 1984-2-9 175 cm 72 kg
18 Gaetan Krebs Gaetan Krebs Pháp Tiền vệ 21 1985-11-18 165cm 63kg
19 Marco Engelhardt Marco Engelhardt Đức Tiền vệ 22 1980-12-2 186cm 73kg
20 Lukas Rupp Lukas Rupp Đức Tiền vệ 26 1991-1-8 178cm 64kg
21 Denis Omerbegovic Denis Omerbegovic Bosnia and Herzegovina Tiền vệ 41 1986-3-11 180cm 70kg
22 Pascal Gross Pascal Gross Đức Tiền vệ 43 1991-6-15 181cm 72kg
23 Christian Timm Christian Timm Đức Tiền đạo 7 1979-2-27 180cm 73 kg
24 Alexander Iashvili Alexander Iashvili Gru-di-a Tiền đạo 9 1977-10-23 175cm 71kg
25 Christopher Bieber Christopher Bieber Đức Tiền đạo 16 1989-7-3 192cm 88kg
26 Macauley Chrisantus Macauley Chrisantus Nigeria Tiền đạo 18 1990-8-20 183cm 79kg
27 Patrick Dulleck Patrick Dulleck Đức Tiền đạo 27 1990-2-15 184cm 74kg
28 Christopher Nguyen Christopher Nguyen Đức Tiền đạo 35 1988-1-13 170cm 68kg
29 Delron Buckley Delron Buckley Nam Phi Tiền đạo 39 1977-12-7 177cm 81kg
30 Andrei Cristea Andrei Cristea Romania Tiền đạo 40 1984-5-15 179cm 70kg
31 Marco Terrazzino Marco Terrazzino Đức Tiền đạo 44 1991-4-15 176cm 70kg

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