Thành lập: 1899-7-1
Quốc gia: Đức
Sân vận động: Rhein-Neckar Arena
Sức chứa: 30,164
Địa chỉ: Silbergasse 45, 74889 Sinsheim
Website: http://www.tsg-hoffenheim.de
Email: info@tsg-hoffenheim.de
Độ tuổi trung bình: Chưa cập nhật dữ liệu
Bundesliga 2 - Đức: Đứng thứ 2 BXH (2007-2008)
Chưa cập nhật dữ liệu
'TSG 1899 Hoffenheim is a German football club based in Hoffenheim, a suburb of Sinsheim, Baden-Württemberg. In 2007 the club decided to adopt the use of the short form name 1899 Hoffenheim in place of the traditional TSG Hoffenheim. A fifth division side in 2000, the club made a remarkable advance to the Bundesliga in 2008 with the financial backing of alumnus and software mogul Dietmar Hopp.

The modern-day club was formed in 1945, when gymnastics club Turnverein Hoffenheim (founded 1 July 1899) and football club Fußballverein Hoffenheim (founded 1921) merged. At the beginning of the 1990s, the club was an obscure local amateur side playing in the eighth division Baden-Württemberg A-Liga. They steadily improved and by 1996 were competing in the Verbandsliga Nordbaden (V). In 2000 Hoffenheim finished first in the Verbandsliga and was promoted to the fourth-division Oberliga Baden-Württemberg. Another first place finish moved the club up to the Regionalliga Süd (III) for the 2001–02 season. They finished 13th in their first season in the Regionalliga, but improved significantly the next year, earning a fifth place result. Hoffenheim earned fifth and seventh place finishes in the next two seasons, before improving to fourth in 2005–06 to earn their best result to date. Hoffenheim earned fifth and seventh place finishes in the next two seasons, before improving to fourth in 2005–06 to earn their best result to date.

Remarkably, the club spent only a single season in the 2. Bundesliga, where they finished in 2nd place and received automatic promotion. The 2008–09 season is Hoffenheim\'s first in the German top division, where they were at the top of the table during the winter break with 35 points, thereby winning the unofficial 'Herbstmeister' (Autumn-Champion) title. However, they suffered a devastating blow during the winter break when Vedad Ibišević, who was the Bundesliga\'s leading goal scorer in the first half of the season, tore an anterior cruciate ligament during a training match against Hamburg. Deprived of their biggest offensive threat, Hoffenheim faded to seventh—still a respectable position for a newly promoted side.'
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Danh sách cầu thủ của đội bóng Hoffenheim

STT Tên Quốc tịch Vị trí Số áo Ngày sinh Cao Nặng
1 Daniel Haas Daniel Haas Đức Thủ môn 1 1983-8-1 188cm 82kg
2 Ramazan Ozcan Ramazan Ozcan Áo Thủ môn 27 1984-6-28 186cm 84kg
3 Jens Grahl Jens Grahl Đức Thủ môn 30 1988-9-22 193cm 91 kg
4 Tom Starke Tom Starke Đức Thủ môn 33 1981-3-18 194cm 97kg
5 Andreas Beck Andreas Beck Đức Hậu vệ 2 1987-3-13 180cm 75kg
6 Matthias Jaissle Matthias Jaissle Đức Hậu vệ 3 1988-4-5 186cm 82kg
7 Marvin Compper Marvin Compper Đức Hậu vệ 5 1985-6-14 185cm 78kg
8 Marcus Klandt Marcus Klandt - Hậu vệ 14 1977-1-19 180cm 75 kg
9 Josip Simunic Josip Simunic Croatia Hậu vệ 14 1978-2-18 195cm 95 kg
10 Isaac Vorsah Isaac Vorsah Ghana Hậu vệ 25 1988-6-21 192cm 91 kg
11 Andreas Ibertsberger Andreas Ibertsberger Áo Hậu vệ 26 1982-7-27 178 cm 77 kg
12 Edson Braafheid Edson Braafheid Hà Lan Hậu vệ 28 1983-4-8 176cm 72kg
13 Manuel Gulde Manuel Gulde Đức Hậu vệ 37 1991-2-12 183cm 77 kg
14 Sebastian Rudy Sebastian Rudy Đức Tiền vệ 6 1990-2-28 179cm 74kg
15 Boris Vukcevic Boris Vukcevic Croatia Tiền vệ 7 1990-3-16 182cm 79kg
16 Gylfi Sigurdsson Gylfi Sigurdsson Iceland Tiền vệ 11 1989-9-9 186cm 77kg
17 Tobias Weis Tobias Weis Đức Tiền vệ 17 1985-7-30 170cm 69kg
18 Sejad Salihovic Sejad Salihovic Bosnia and Herzegovina Tiền vệ 23 1984-10-8 182cm 80kg
19 Ryan Babel Ryan Babel Hà Lan Tiền đạo 10 1986-12-19 183cm 73kg
20 Peniel Kokou Mlapa Peniel Kokou Mlapa Đức Tiền đạo 15 1991-2-20 195cm 87kg
21 Prince Tagoe Prince Tagoe Ghana Tiền đạo 18 1986-11-9 188cm 80kg
22 Vedad Ibisevic Vedad Ibisevic Bosnia and Herzegovina Tiền đạo 19 1984-8-6 188cm 82kg
23 Chinedu Edu Obasi Ogbuke Chinedu Edu Obasi Ogbuke Nigeria Tiền đạo 20 1986-6-1 188cm 79kg
24 Denis Thomalla Denis Thomalla Đức Tiền đạo 34 1992-8-16 186cm 70kg

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